Commitment to Transparency

Michael Everard - CEO

For years there was a conviction that probity issues were not attributable to the private sector, however events known worldwide in recent years have shown us that business ethics apply to all actors in society, whether public or private. These same facts have forced us to recognize that it is no longer enough to comply with the law, but that we are required and must demand more of ourselves.

For this reason, and as part of our global sustainability strategy, Belltech in each of its subsidiaries; Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay, the company is committed to develop all its activities with high ethical standards, considering this as a fundamental pillar of our actions. Thus, we have developed and shared a Code of Ethics, constant training, and whistleblower channels in order to reaffirm our commitment to our ecosystem of customers, partners, collaborators, directors, shareholders and society in general.

In addition, we are incorporating a Crime Prevention Model throughout our organization, which will ensure a strengthening of our internal controls, including our relationships with suppliers and partners.

The aforementioned actions will enable us to have committed work teams, suppliers aligned with these objectives and customers confident that they have contracted an ethically responsible company, allowing us to create solid relationships and networks, promoting a complete culture of respect and responsibility, avoiding risk situations and conflicts of interest.

However, we will continue to go further. Therefore, Belltech is a cooperating member of the Chilean Chapter of International Transparency, in order to constantly ensure that our objectives, principles, rules and procedures are at the forefront in these matters, permanently training our collaborators.

Finally, we hope that this determined purpose will be firmly shared by all, giving support to this culture of responsibly ethical business.

Alberto Precht

Director of Chile Transparente

Radical transparency means a commitment from the top management of the companies to all the employees (...)


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