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What is IP telephony and how can it benefit your business?

IP telephony is gaining more and more followers every day among companies of all industries. But what are the reasons why organizations have decided to switch from regular public network telephony to this technology? This is largely since it provides more efficient and stable communication. Below, you will learn all about IP telephony. What is IP telephony? IP telephony is a variant of the regular telephone communication system that adopts Internet technologies to generate communication. In other words, it uses Internet protocols through a virtual connection it transmits data and voice. Main characteristics The first feature of this type of telephony is that it works by digitizing data to provide  more versatile, stable and dynamic communications. Other features are: Contrast with VoIP When looking for information about this type of telephony, we can notice that reference is made to the concept of VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol. The two concepts should not be confused, although they are sometimes referred


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Agile and CX

¿Are we prepared for the future? Currently, a successful enterprise has the imperative need to anticipate the needs of its customers. To achieve this, it is a requirement to have the flexibility and rapid adaptation