Surely you have heard or read about this concept, but what does it refer to? Phygital is one of the latest trends in UX. It is a 21st century concept that unifies a person’s experience in both a physical and digital environment, the elevation of two worlds that nowadays is present more than ever in commercial transactions, pushed by social and economic factors, and boosted by behavior change due to the pandemic. Will your business be prepared for the new normal? Have you incorporated the new paradigms in your customer service and contact model? What needs could the adoption of a "Phygital Experience" in customer service models help to satisfy?

According to the third version of the Digital Transformation Index (ITD) study by SCC (The Santiago Chamber of Commerce), there was an advance of 50 points on a scale of 0 to 100 in enterprises and SMEs, the most significant advance in recent years, driven by changes affected by both social and pandemic crises. According to the same study, enterprises are placed in a "Digital in-between" position, highlighting them as responsible for driving the digital transformation. All this is also promoted by the behavioral changes that have favored the adoption of virtual experiences as a means of care, and an increasingly technologically empowered user.

In view of this reality, www.dircomfidencial.com points out: "the Phygital trend tries to take advantage of the best of e-commerce by mixing it with the physical store, absorbing the best of each world":

From the digital environment it absorbs:

●        Immediacy: things happen at the moment.

●        Immersion: the user is part of the experience.

●        Interaction: generating physical and mental communication.

From the physical environment:

●        Interpersonal and product interaction skills.

Successfully accomplishing this combination will help today's customer feel at ease in a hybrid and efficient environment, in which the transition from one environment to another is often unnoticed and natural. This predicts a greater connection with the brand, trust development, and a better user experience. 

For the digital magazine e-commercenewa.es “it is an irrefutable fact that technology seeks to offer increasingly immersive experiences, becoming a fundamental part of our culture. Virtual reality, machine learning, advanced analytics, blockchain, robotics and a host of similar concepts are increasingly present in the theorization of experiences that we can live as consumers of products and services offered by brands, whatever the sector".

But this trend is not about evolving towards a single world, but to include one in the other, to create a natural integration and movement between both. In this sense, Belltech has introduced to the market several solutions that contributes towards the achievement of this "phygital experience". Our services include Communications solutions through the use of Artificial Intelligence; RPA systems; Omnichannel Ecosystems, Robotics, etc.; electronic channel solutions such as smart self-service kiosks; self-checkout; and flow management equipment inside branches. Finally, there’s our whole consulting layer, where we support the client through the transformation process, detecting the needs they have and the solutions available to meet them together.

We are facing an era that will not go backwards, but rather will continue to evolve with more and better solutions, in which the consumer or user will unknowingly seek a "Phygital Experience" for its efficiency, and businesses must capitalize on their transformation by developing intelligence with the valuable data available, to understand this new customer journey, detecting opportunities to improve customer experience.

The current trend is to provide a closer, more natural, intuitive and efficient experience. The user will look for this and stay with the one who provides it. In this sense, at Belltech we seek to contribute to the community, through a series of events called Belltalks, in which we discuss and share experiences on global trend concepts. Continuing with this theme, the next Belltalks will deal with the Phygital trend applied in Latin America and how this concept, if well exploited, can generate a real differentiating factor in the relationship that companies build with their customers.  We will talk about the technology that is available in the market today, to turn this experience into a reality, and we will seek to learn from experts about the advances and projections for 2021.

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