What is IP telephony and how can it benefit your business?

IP telephony is gaining more and more followers every day among companies of all industries. But what are the reasons why organizations have decided to switch from regular public network telephony to this technology? This is largely since it provides more efficient and stable communication. Below, you will learn all about IP telephony. What is … Read more

What is the purpose of self-service in a company?

Nowadays all businesses are in constant evolution, where their focus is to ensure convenience for all consumers. Users are looking for a comfortable way to solve their inquiries without having to go through tedious processes. That is why, next, we will know what self-service is for in a company, in addition to some important points … Read more

What is conversational artificial intelligence and what are its advantages?

Conversational artificial intelligence is a technology that uses data, processes language in a natural way and develops automatic learning to engage in text or verbal conversations. In this article we will see its main features and advantages. As a preview, it is important to know that for companies the use of this tool saves time … Read more

How can Cloud Contact Center benefit your company?

In recent years, customer service in companies of all sizes has become a constantly evolving factor. The implementation of new technologies and virtual platforms has allowed this area of service to adapt to the needs of any user. In this matter, cloud based contact center solutions have been a breakthrough in the way businesses interact … Read more

How do self-service technologies impact customer service and satisfaction?

In an increasingly technological world, evolution has been key in a certain sense, especially in terms of self-service technologies. This type of technology has contributed greatly to improve customer service on companies through all industries. What are self-service technologies? According to Research Gate, “self-service technologies (SST) are defined as technology interfaces that allow customers to … Read more


Fast and efficient solutions demand automation combined with human analysis. Now is the time for automation and human functions to come together to meet new market demands. We try hard to find quick solutions to processes that for us as clients seem so simple, but the organizational response shows us that, due to lack of … Read more