Bank Solutions

Improve your operations, branches, and applications. Maintain your entire institution connected and deliver a quality, digital experience to your customers. Incorporate software, hardware and services to digitize your entire institution.

  • Improve your customers’ experience
  • Manage your customers in a smart way and at lower costs
  • Reduce your costs


Incorporate intuitive equipment and modern devices to facilitate your customers’ transactions. ave on costs by acquiring recyclers and reducing required vault openings Comply with regulations in accordance with the highest safety standards. Innovate by including in your equipment multi-touch screens, contactless systems, videoconferencing, fingerprint readers, card printing, signature registration, and much more.

ATM models available for sale

Cash dispensing equipment with the highest technology, that include double vault and CEN4 certification, one of the highest in the market, in addition they have one of the lowest accident rates in the sector.

Recycler models available for sale

Equipment for cash dispensing and cash deposit (increasing equipment uptime) with the latest technology. They include double vault and CEN4 certification, one of the highest in the market.


Meet KAL, a multi-manufacturer with exclusive dedication to ATM’s and self-service terminals. Its products enable you to integrate equipment and hardware from different manufacturers, improving your strategy and reducing costs.


Generate a truly digital experience using simple, intuitive, and custom-designed self-service equipment. Incorporate functionalities connected to multiple platforms such as cell phones, smart watches, among others.

Discover our line of kiosks and smart self-service


Manage and protect your business operations through a proactive analysis and monitoring service. Get full visibility of the data, sales, purchases, and transactions managed by your traders and discover opportunities to improve your processes.

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