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Customer experience is the most important thing, exceeding expectations creates moments where your enterprise’s goals and theirs are unified.

We want to be the best business partner par excellence to implement mass electronic contact solutions, through world class technologies and services, that is why we provide technological solutions for Contact Centers, IP Telephony, Unified Communications, Self-Service Systems and Point of Sales. The above with a world class after-sales service of recognized quality and excellence, in order to support our customers’ business strategies.





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We have more than 20 years of experience designing and integrating technological solutions to enable the digital transformation of your enterprise and thus collaborate with the achievement of your omnichannel strategy.

We are located in 7 countries in Latin America, and we are partners of the main technology providers worldwide, in order to implement customized solutions with the highest quality standards.

We belong to Aura Alliance, the largest business alliance in the world that enables Belltech to deliver solutions with worldwide coverage, mainly in Cisco and Avaya technologies, to support your business, no matter where you are.

The world changes, we evolve.
Do it simple, do it Belltech.

Our NPS (Net Promoter Score) on November 2020 was 66 , ranging through which we measure the loyalty of our customers and the perception of the quality of our services.


To provide business solutions, with the best professional team in support services (professional and managed), in order to support Digital Transformation and UX Strategy for our clients.


To be recognized as a leading company in providing solutions for the Digital Transformation and Contactability of our customers, partners and business community in Latin America.



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Quality Policy

Chile, Colombia & Peru

In Belltech, we are committed to meeting the applicable requirements of customers and stakeholders, through marketing and service delivery in technology solutions, based on the effectiveness of its processes that contribute to continuous improvement and compliance with the Strategic Direction.

Scope of the Quality Management System

Commercialization and provision of technological solutions in communications, professional services and electronic channels.

Objectives of the Quality Management System

  • To achieve the satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders.
  • To develop human talent by training it and orienting it towards the permanent search for excellence.
  • To implement an effective risk management in the processes that generates continuous improvement of the quality management system.
  • Attend and treat all requests, complaints, claims and suggestions we receive.
  • To continuously improve the management systems adopted by the company.

Information Security Policy

Chile & Colombia

Upper management is committed to ensure that communications processes, electronic channels and professional services comply with legal, regulatory and contractual requirements, applied to all internal and external customers, projecting their actions in the conservation of its technological resources, infrastructure and information to any incident, through action plans for information security and continuous improvement which focuses on minimizing incidents occurring on computer security, crises or potential risks or happen, these being evaluated and analyzed to generate confidence in the chain of administrative and commercial process for its external and internal customers.

Scope of the Information Security System

Processes of Global Services Support Communications, Global Services Support Electronic Channels and Professional Services.

Objectives of the Information Security System

CULTURE: Promote, train and sensitize all our customers, employees, suppliers, contractors, partners and people of interest in general; in the importance of protection and care of the information handled in the company ensuring the integrity, availability and confidentiality.

INCIDENTS: Identify, treat and close in a timely manner the Information Security incidents that occur in the organization.

CONTINUITY: Ensure the continuity of all processes of the organization and comply with the minimum requirements established for its proper function.

RISKS: Control, mitigate and/or prevent risks associated with information security, identifying vulnerabilities and threats facing the most relevant assets for the company, in order to ensure the continuity of the operation.

SECURITY CONTROLS: Measure, evaluate and monitor the implemented controls, policies and procedures of the ISMS to ensure its proper functioning.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Generate a commitment on the part of the entire company to follow up on the entire information security management system within the framework of continuous improvement.