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We design custom solutions according to each specific business in order to enable your omnichannel strategy.

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Place collaboration tools in the hands of all users, no matter what kind of smartphone, computer or tablet they use. Use audio, web, multimedia messaging, presence and video to conduct collaborative conferences in which employees and customers can easily connect

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Adapt your business objectives to your real technological needs and start preparing your communications platform for new computer challenges. Our competent technical team, highly qualified in the development and support of communication technologies

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Costumer Experience


Live the true omnichannel experience Know all our solutions and products to improve the Customer Experience. Go beyond phone calls and contact your customers through different platforms that the current market offers improving, in this way, your Contact Center.

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Applications to improve productivity Get to know our wide range of own development application and be sure to increase the productivity of your equipment, as well as automate certain functions of your company. Our applications are developed based on the needs of customers and the market to increase, in this way, the levels of satisfaction of the service.

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We have comprehensive solutions that solve the problem of Point of Service (POS) within the world of Retail, which includes open hardware solutions recognized worldwide, as is the case of Hardware for POS solutions, Self Checkouts, Self Scannig, printers specialized for Retail, all types of scanners and a wide range of peripherals that can be integrated in a natural way to the point of sales.

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Smart Self-Service


Self-service solutions for banking, Retail, health and industries in general, that have a wide range of hardware alternatives, like web kiosks, ATMs solutions, multifunctional and deposit equipment, teller cash recycler, and innovative solutions that aim at enhancing productivity and company coverage (video calls, hybrid solutions, etc.).

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Stop threats, automate security and know what is happening throughout your network constantly, before, during and even after the informatic attacks to your physical network, virtual or cloud network.

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Managed Services


Our Managed Services offer encourages the proactive management of IT platforms, performed by a third party on behalf of a client. The difference with the traditional model is the proactive delivery of the service, in comparison with the reactive IT services that have existed for decades.

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Professional Services


Professional Services allows companies to create, renew and innovate in communication channels with their clients using modern, robust technologies that provide companies with the necessary information to know how to act according to their clients’ needs and satisfy them to maintain a relationship of trust between both.

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